The opening ceremony of Kopenhagen Fur’s Bonded Warehouse in Beijing

People who have bought fur products are normally concerned about its transportation and timing, worrying that it may not arrive on time. But an important factor affecting product quality is raw material. One of the challenges facing the fur industry of an international supply chain is the transportation of raw skins concerning both quality and punctuality, ensuring the consistency of the skin quality. 

The one-stop innovative solution of combining both logistics and storage is a revolutionary approach to ensure the shipment of raw materials in a safely and efficient manner with low cost and high quality. 

During the Landmark New Year Celebration 2017 held at Beijing InterContinental Hotel on 13th January 2017, Kopenhagen Fur officially announced the opening ceremony its bonded warehouse in Beijing as part of its global fur logistics solution. This marks the formal launch of global fur logistics solutions in joint efforts with Damco, the world's leading logistics company under the Maersk Group.

Logistics is playing an increasingly important role in today's business environment and has become a strategic focus of some successful enterprises. Companies with sophisticated logistics supply chain have more guarantee and competitive edges in implementing their global strategy. At present, the logistics efficiency of the fur industry is restricted by the traditional business mode. 

The shipment approach in the past was rather casual with poor control and high cost. Especially when skins are exposed to hot and humid environment, there is a great risk of devaluation. The small quantity of goods in original decentralized transportation solution results in high cost and low stability. The lack of the matching program in controlling temperature and humidity in the transport and import process of skins makes it difficult to guarantee product quality. Kopenhagen Fur's bonded warehouses have the advantage of taking in big amount of products while taking out by small batches, which will reduce the use of capital and save time for product delivery and customs clearance. The professional cold storage will improve the efficiency and quality of skin transport. 

As the world's leading supplier of raw skins, Kopenhagen Fur has more than 60% of the world's market share. The company has been committed to providing high-quality skins for the fashion industry and facilitating the industry to provide consumers with the finest fur products for value. The investment of bonded warehouses in China is an important strategic layout. The research of this project already started two years ago in collaboration with competitive companies in the fur industry and supply chain, including DAMCO, Sinotrans and Bao Sheng as partners for field trips in potential warehouses. Besides, Kopenhagen Fur also sent experts in IT and cold storage construction to China for building a professional cold storage facility for raw skins. Meanwhile, this project was also guided and supported by the relevant Chinese Customs and CIQ departments to provide an optimized logistic solution for the global fur trade and create an easy import process for fur enterprises. All these efforts are meant to provide consumers with the best fur products at the most beneficial prices and services.

The bonded warehouse in Beijing is built according to Kopenhagen Fur's global storage standards of raw skins as well as relevant requirements on domestic storage and quarantine inspection. The warehouse is located in Beijing Yizhuang logistics zone with constant temperature and humidity and equipped with the most advanced facilities. The warehouse has a storage capacity of 1.5 million skins and can handle 5 million skins annually.

In addition to Beijing, Kopenhagen Fur also has bonded warehouses in Hongkong and Tongerpu. This is quite an advantage to manufacturers as they can store their products and take them out in the close distance. Furthermore,  there is no need to pay for the goods and taxes in advance to product delivery and customs clearance (different than the traditional airport transportation mode). Skins will be safely kept in cold environment during the whole logistics process.

Just like Kopenhagen Fur 's COO Mr. Søren Valentin said:

- In order to provide our customers with high-standard logistic solutions and value-added services, Kopenhagen Fur and DAMCO jointly set up the global fur logistics project. We will follow the highest standards in the industry and provide our customers with first-class services.