Kopenhagen Fur initiated a new standard for the fur industry in China

Kopenhagen Fur initiated new standards for the fur industry in China at the Landmark New Year Celebration 2017 held at Intercontinental Beijing Beichen Hotel in Beijing, China on January 13th, 2017.

Together with ten industrial retail leaders, Kopenhagen Fur played an active role in drafting a Group Standard of China's Fur Retail Service Quality and started to accredit fur retailers in China.

This initiative not only marks the beginning of a revolution of the fur industry in China - it also goes with Chinese government's policies in promoting service industry and enhancing overall standards for the service industry.

Kopenhagen Fur Leads new standard

Jesper Lauge, CCO of Kopenhagen Fur, emphasized the importance of having such kind of standard and expressed his expectations:

- Fur is a kind of natural material of high quality by itself, but the fur materials sold by Kopenhagen Fur each year must be precisely classified and sorted by professional fur classifiers with years of training according to the only set of international fur classification standards approved by ISO90001. There are over 14,000 combinations of fur material quality levels. Fur is just like diamonds, because it is difficult for customers to master methods of quality identification for both of them.

In collaboration with national-level association and accreditation authority, Kopenhagen Fur is committed to provide wonderful purchasing experience for Chinese customers who pursue high-quality lifestyle by encouraging reliable fur retailers with honesty and integrity to represent high-quality fur products and services, according to Jesper Lauge.

The proposed standard is the only Chinese fur industry's quality evaluation standard recognized by national-level accreditation authorities in China. It will remain to be the only Chinese standard for fur industry to measure retail business service level and an important standard trusted by consumers.

According to the new standard, about ten companies were accredited at the awarding ceremony hosted by Kopenhagen Fur and China General Chamber of Commerce. These ten accredited fur retail companies include Beijing HELIENA'S Co., Ltd, Beijing Jiaherongsheng Commerce Co., Ltd, Chongqing Baidiaohui Clothing Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Panyu BAOZENG Clothing Factory, Harbin Daowai New Golden Lady Fur Mall, Hulun Buir Hailar SINYUE Fur City, MM Tiffany Fur (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, Tianjin YINGDAK Inc., Xinji Huaxin Fur Clothing Co., Ltd and Yuyao Mengyi Fur Co., Ltd.

The first batch of Chinese retailers who got accreditation based on the new standard will be industry bench-marking enterprises, national credited "trustworthy brand", and rest assured brand in the minds of consumers.

Escorts Future of the fur industry in China

This innovative cooperation between The Kopenhagen fur and China General Chamber of Commerce was cross-region and cross-industrial chain segmentation, involving international leading companies, Chinese fur industry association, Chinese Accreditation authority, and leading Chinese companies in chain of fur industry. 

This standard is not only good for fur companies' self-discipline in consumer market but also provides an opportunity for all participating enterprises to improve themselves. Experts in fur retail would inspect and evaluate all companies on-the-spot and provide a professional accreditation report to help Chinese retail enterprises better deal with economic fluctuation. For those who did not got accreditation could improve themselves by consulting industrial experts.

As one of the drafters of this standard, Kopenhagen Fur showcased its social responsibilities as a globally recognized fashion brand and world's largest fur auction house. Being so actively involved in drafting of the standard, Kopenhagen Fur was dedicated to encouraging more Chinese retail companies to provide high-quality services, improving the status and level of integrity of fur industry in the minds of Chinese consumers and ensuring that Chinese consumers could buy fur products of high quality.

Kopenhagen fur has always been paying great attention to our own development and the trend of industrial development at the same time, trying our best to solve all various kinds of problems in fur industry, and leading the new industrial standard. Kopenhagen Fur would like to insist on the corporate culture and make greater efforts in stimulating healthy development of fur industry in China and improve product and service quality of Chinese fur industry.

Complicated Chinese Fur Market

As one of the largest fur consumers in the world, China has a great number of fur retail enterprises. However, due to the diversity of the enterprises' scale and size and the lack of guidance for a healthy market, it is difficult for Chinese consumers to identify the quality of fur products from various sources such as leather malls, retail stores, exhibition centers and advertisements. 

The good image of fur industry has been damaged by vicious competition with the continuous change of raw materials, fluctuation of international fur market and change of consumer behaviors. Retailers who are dedicated to high quality of product and service have to spend a lot in marketing and educating customers on how to identify high-quality fur products and reliable retailers. They couldn't compete with retailers who provide cheap fur products at the cost of quality.

The harsh reality in Chinese fur market has negative effects on fur industry's development in China in the long run. It has not only damaged positive image of fur industry in China but also prevented retailers from pursuing of excellence. Therefore, it is of great significance to have the new standard to regulate fur industry and stop vicious competition in China.