Morten Ussing takes Remix fur prize

Danish designer Morten Ussing exceeded his own expectations at Remix, winning this year's prestigious fur competition in Milan. And the winner sends his regards to Kopenhagen Fur.

Once again the international fur event Remix drew the attention of fashionistas worldwide, returning to Milan, Italy on 24 February. And eventually, the spotlight would focus on designer Morten Ussing, having entered the event with three styles made in collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur.

The win turned out a surprise for the 29-year-old designer from Vejle, Denmark:

- Recognizing the remarkable skills of the other designers, I didn't really think I would stand a chance against them, Morten Ussing commented later.

His understanding of colours is said to be a key reason for Morten Ussing's success, winning hearts and minds with a multi-coloured sheared mink fur coat. The high-profile Italian jury also found that his design succesfully explores the creative opportunities unique to fur as a material. And so it happened that Morten Ussing became the first Dane to claim the prize in Milan.

- I'm overwhelmed, humble and very happy, and I know I wouldn't have come this far without Kopenhagen Fur. Because having grand ideas means very little if you don't have the craftsmanship to bring your concepts to life. Really, everybody involved deserved this award, said Morten Ussing of his accomplishment.