Ready for the last auction of the season

Kopenhagen Fur's last auction of this sales season begins next week. The inspection, where customers can view the skins, has begun.

Kopenhagen Fur anticipates that approx. 450 customers will visit the auction house in Glostrup during the sales. Approx. half of them are from Asia. Some customers are already inspecting skins, however it is expected that the majority will attend the inspection this coming weekend. In addition, many customers will once again follow the auction via live stream.

Kopenhagen Fur continues to support this solution via large streaming facilities in Beijing, TongErPu and Yu Yao. Also, the Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Office assists over 60 minor streaming facilities in Zhe Jiang, Liao Niong, He Bei, Guang Dong and other fur manufacturing regions in China, that have been initiated by people in the fur trade. Customers, who are viewing the sales via streaming, can bid with the aid of commission agents present in the auction room.

The September auction will begin Tuesday next week with the offering of Brown Females as the first skin type. During the sales, 5.4 million mink skins, along with a minor offering of Swakara, sealskins and Chinchilla skins, will be offered. 

The offering is an end-of-season collection where large parties of varying sizes and qualities of lowgrade skins will be offered, with a small number of regular goods. The sales will be concluded on Wednesday, 13 September.