Gallery: Danish Prime Minister and Kopenhagen Fur in South Korean business promotion

Lars Løkke Rasmussen, The Danish Prime Minister, and Kopenhagen Fur's CEO, Jesper Uggerhøj, are visiting Seoul these days as a part of trade promotion intended to increase trade between the two countries.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen participated in a gala dinner, where Kopenhagen Fur had arranged a fashion show in collaboration with Jindo Furs. This South Korean fur company is Kopenhagen Fur's largest customer in South Korea and is well known in the auction room. 300 guests saw the show - among these were Lars Løkke Rasmussen and his wife, Solrun. Also, Karen Hækkerup, CEO of Danish Agriculture & Food Council, and Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, participated as guests. Thomas Lehmann, Denmark's ambassador in South Korea, was also invited along with 47 of Kopenhagen Fur's customers in the country.

The Little Mermaids little sister

This business promotion is rooted in an agreement from 2014 between Copenhagen and Seoul. Representatives from the two cities signed an agreement about increased cooperation concerning culture, tourism, transport and innovation. Because of this, the Prime Minister unveiled a miniature version of The Little Mermaid placed by the Han River in Seoul. Kopenhagen Fur participated in the sponsorship of the South Korean mermaid. 

Many years of cooperation between Kopenhagen Fur and South Korea

Cooperation between Kopenhagen Fur and South Korean fur companies has been a reality for many years. Via the Imagine initiative, which is a design cooperation between international design universities and Kopenhagen Fur, the Danish auction house has worked together with Seoul National University. This cooperation was celebrated during the gala dinner yesterday, when fur styles from the Imagine initiative was presented during the fashion show.