Fur and fashion harmonized at Russian award show

Kopenhagen Fur was the main sponsor of an award show that celebrated the best Russian luxury stores in Moscow.


The Best Luxury Stores Award took place at the Lotte Hotel in Moscow on 15th November, where the owners of the best Russian luxury boutiques participated along with celebrities and key figures from the Russian fashion industry. The show was arranged by the Russian Buyers Union and Kopenhagen Fur was main sponsor of the event along with Porsche. At the event, the new book called '100 Best Luxury Stores' was presented. The book contains the best Russian luxury boutiques, some of which were presented with awards at the show.

Kopenhagen Fur brought along five auction customers, who also participated as main sponsors and held a fashion show at the event during the dinner. Earlier in the day they exhibited fur styles in a showroom were the participants could have a look and anyone with interest in buying or working with fur could contact the representatives from the brands or Kopenhagen Fur.

Vice President of Sales Kasper Scott Reinbacher and Business Developer Viktoriia Pustynikova also held a presentation on the topic of how to recognize good quality auction fur.

- Even though the event was not a fur event, we decided to participate and be a general sponsor, because we believe that this platform will help build a bridge between the world of fashion and the world of fur, Kasper Scott Reinbacher says and adds that by introducing the owners of luxury boutiques to fur, they might be inspired to add fur to their assortment and thereby help make fur more fashionable.

100 Best Luxury Stores

The book '100 Best Luxury Stores', which was presented at the event, features luxury stores from all over Russia that meets different criteria set by the Russian Buyers Union. Since Russia is a big market for Kopenhagen Fur, sponsoring the book and the event was a great opportunity to introduce prominent buyers, stores and celebrities to fur garments.

The five auction customers, Avanti Furs, Bourtsos Furs, Manakas Frankfurt, Manzari and PKZ Furs, who sponsored the event along with Kopenhagen Fur, presented seven fur styles each at the fashion show during the dinner, where the awards were also presented in between musical performances by famous Russian artists.

 - It is important to give auction customers the opportunity to see new sales channels and new markets so that we can boost their trade and support their business, Kasper Scott Reinbacher says.