Beautyberry embraces Swakara

Wang Yutao, Designer and Fashion Director of the brand Beautyberry and its sub brand B+, is currently visiting KiCK  and Kopenhagen Fur after a visit to Namibia to learn about Swakara.


Wang Yutao has been selected to work on a series of Swakara styles to be made over the next six months. This is the first time an Asian designer has been selected to create Swakara styles to promote the skins, as the previous designers have been from Scandinavia.

However, Wang Yutao does not believe that designers are that different and that creativity can transcend borders.

- The world that we live in now is international and ideas travel fast. Naturally, designs are different, but inspiration transcends borders, he says.

Wang Yutao arrived in Denmark this week and has only just begun his Swakara project. Therefore, the public will have to wait before any hints of the final design can be shared. He is, however, willing to share some general thought about designs.

As the owner of Beautyberry and its sub brand B+, two labels with distinct target audiences, the former is more classic oriented compared with B+, which is aimed at those who are young at mind, Wang Yutao is fascinated by Swakara.

- Swakara is a beautiful skin type. They are each unique. This presents some very interesting challenges when working with Swakara. I look forward to it, he says.

Beautyberry and B+ both deal in Men's and Women's wear and accessories as well. While Beautyberry is an well established brand in China, B+ is quite new. Wang Yutao intends to spend some time building his new

Wang Yutao looks forward to work with Swakara and he believes the skin type can be used for both men and women and also in a classical as well as fresh style:

- One can use different parts of the Swakara skins for men's and women's wear and especially the young in China are fond of Swakara. The look is considered young and fresh, he says, which indicates that Swakara has a strong potential for a positive future in Asia.