The doors are open at Headstart Fashion House

The new Headstart Fashion House is located by the dock in Aarhus, Denmark. Wednesday, when they opened their doors for the first time, the building was filled with politicians, press and people from the Danish fashion industry.


On Wednesday, the red carpet was rolled out in front of Headstart Fashion House in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, where many companies from the Danish design industry already reside. Headstart Fashion House will house well-established fashion companies as well as start-up companies from Aarhus and the rest of the region.

The event attracted the press, the people from the fashion industry and local politicians as well. The guests were all welcomed with a speech by the CEO of Headstart Fashion, Christian Chapelle. The mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard (S), also gave a speech at the opening where he spoke positively about the new house and the company.

Jesper Uggerhøj, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur, was also invited to speak at the at the event:

- Hopefully, this new initiative will create an even better cohesion in the fashion trade. However, with this initiative, we also hope that the brands we are going to collaborate with will be interested in working with fur as a material, Jesper Uggerhøj said.

Kopenhagen Fur and Headstart Fashion

Since 2015, Kopenhagen Fur has been a partner in the project. The goal with the partnership was to create growth for innovators and companies in the local fashion industry and this goal remains the same.

Kopenhagen Fur donated two fur pillows as a gift for the new Headstart Fashion House. However, Kopenhagen Fur plans to provide an additional contribution by giving the companies in the building the opportunity to work with fur and include fur in their collections. An opportunity that will also benefit Kopenhagen Fur.

What is Headstart Fashion?

Headstart Fashion is a commercial foundation with the purpose of bringing together promising talents and established design brands and to learn from each other to help create growth in the fashion industry in and around Aarhus, Denmark. This is made even easier with the new Headstart Fashion House, where the companies will be placed in the same building.

Christian Chapelle has been responsible for the project since it was first began and in April this year, he was named CEO of the company.