A visit from Japan

The Japanese design school Mode Gakuen is a part of Kopenhagen Fur's Imagine initiative, where Japanese design students, among others, show fur in the annual fashion show, Imagine Talents. As a part of Imagine, teachers from Mode Gakuen visited Kopenhagen Fur this week to become even better at teaching their students on how to work with fur.


The Head of the Fashion Department and a teacher from the Japanese design school, Mode Gakuen, visited Kopenhagen Fur's design studio this week. Since they arrived, they have been working in the studio to improve their teaching methods on how to work with fur. The visit was a preparation for the 2017 Imagine Talents show, which will be the third.

The visitors worked with fur in various workshops, where they were trained in teaching their students about fur as a material. Later the teachers will select 15 students from Mode Gakuen who will be granted the opportunity of working with fur and showing their designs at the Imagine show.

- I had a talk with the Head of the Fashion Department and he told me that there are plenty of advantages in collaborating with Kopenhagen Fur. For example, their students have the opportunity to work with fur, which is a very exciting material, said Rikke Sletter, Education Programme Manager from Kopenhagen Fur.

As a result of participating in the Imagine Talents show, several of the students who participate gain the courage to look for jobs all over the world and that gives Kopenhagen Fur a number of fur ambassadors in Japan and in the rest of the world as well.