Gallery: Farewell and welcome reception for Torben Nielsen and Jesper Uggerhøj

Hundreds of people stopped by Kopenhagen Fur this Wednesday to say farewell to Torben Nielsen and greet the new CEO Jesper Uggerhøj.


More than 500 guests - friends, family, colleagues and customers - gathered this Wednesday in Kopenhagen Room where Torben Nielsen and Jesper Uggerhøj held a 'farewell and welcome' reception.

A jazz band played in a corner of the room while the many guests stood in a long queue to shake hands with both the retiring and the new CEO at the entrance. Among the guests were several members of the Danish Parliament and the Speaker of the Danish Parliament, Pia Kjærsgaard. Several guests from the Danish business and cultural life also stopped by to say goodbye and hello.

Kopenhagen Fur's Chairman of the Board, Tage Pedersen, was the first speaker at the reception:

- It is a sad day, because we have to say goodbye to Torben, but it is also a day of joy because we say hello to Jesper Uggerhøj, he said.

Afterwards friends, colleagues and customers used the opportunity to grab the microphone and say goodbye and thanks to Torben and welcome to Jesper.

Several guests mentioned that the new CEO has big shoes to fill. Several also pointed out that it has been rewarding to get to know Torben.

Bright future

Following the many guest speakers, it was Torben's turn to say a few words. Among other things, he spoke about how good and competitive the Danish mink breeders are.

- The Danish fur trade has made Denmark a richer and a better society to live in, said Torben and turned his attention to Jesper Uggerhøj.

- It is a clever person who is takes over the company, and I am sure that you are in the very best hands.

Eventually Torben summarized and gave a big thanks:

- Thank you with all my heart for 23 fantastic years.

Thereafter Jesper Uggerhøj took over the microphone:

- It is a great honor for me to stand here today as Kopenhagen Fur's new CEO. Denmark is known for producing the world's best mink skins, and Kopenhagen Fur is a real fairytale, said Jesper.

After saying some nice words about Torben, he turned to Tage Pedersen:

- I will do my best to take good care of your company, and I look forward to a great partnership with everyone in the company. Cheers to Torben and a bright future for Kopenhagen Fur.