Gallery: Fashion expert Jim Lyngvild will wear Danish fur in China

This December, Danish Fur will be broadcast on Chinese television. Fashion expert Jim Lyngvild travels to the country to promote his beauty series as well as his brewery. His suitcase is filled with fur from Kopenhagen Studio, which will help him show the Danish heritage to the people of China.


Jim Lyngvild wants to promote his beauty series Raunsborg Nordic and the brewery Frejdahl in the Chinese market - both of which are inspired by the Nordic culture. Therefore, he will participate in Chinese talk shows and in interviews for several Chinese fashion magazines. It is important for him to place focus on his persona, as he believes that is the best way to draw attention to a brand in China. According to Jim Lyngvild, this focus is achieved best by using fur from Kopenhagen Studio.

- I am very proud to be working with Kopenhagen Fur because I think it is an amazing brand. Fur skins from Kopenhagen Fur has the best quality in the world, but this has to be shown to the world because everybody claims that their own fur is the best. I want to show that Denmark makes the best fur in the world. We have always done it. It is part of our culture, says the fashion expert.


The modern VikingJim Lyngvild has always shown a big interest in the Danish heritage. He has tracked his relation back to the age of the Vikings, and he has designed his own modern Viking stronghold called Ravnsborg where he currently resides. It is a natural choice for him to promote himself in China using his Danish heritage and thereby Danish fur.

He has borrowed several fur styles in natural colours from Kopenhagen Studio and has made a photoshoot with them all. The hints to the Viking age are strong in the pictures where he poses with large amber rings and with antlers around his neck.

- I use fur because it is the right material to use for the Nordic people. It is a culturally rooted garment that has been used in Denmark for thousands of years, but I want to give it a modern twist. That is why I try to choose some smart furs. I want to show that I live in 201, and that I can be a modern person while I am still in touch with my roots, he says.