“E-Dimension” fur exhibition highlights open Denmark Day

Kopenhagen Fur had a novel cross-border interaction with participants of the fifth Open Denmark Day at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, capital of China, on 9 May, 2015.

Various kinds of natural and delicate accessories showcased fur material's diversified and unbounded space of imagination and application. The fur fashions of different age were presented in different space and the constantly changing of image made people feel like traveling in a multi-dimensional space. The newly incorporated term "E-Dimension" was used to describe the extra-dimensional exhibition of fur, as well as its combination with modern electronic information industry. The visitors can buy genuine artistic products at a very low price by simply scanning the QR code and paying via WeChat, Chinese version of WhatsApp.

In the "E-Dimension" exhibition hall, fur is expanding to unlimited space and time via creative ideas of young designers and cross-border professionals. Here visitors can not only see fur as traditional materials of fashionable clothes but also novel and delicate accessories. They can also bid, order, purchase and pay for the fur directly via mobile phone. That is a "close contact" of young generation's lifestyle with traditional industry of fur natural materials.

"As a country with great fur consumption capability, China plays an important role in the global fur trade. Young generation is the future of Chinese market, interacting with them closely will have a significant impact to seize the future of fur industry's development in China," says Chris Cui, the General Manager of Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Office.

Since the inception of its Beijing office ten years ago, Kopenhagen Fur has established long-term cooperation relationship with China's top universities and institutions, leading fur companies, prestigious fur designers, and cross-border professionals. Kopenhagen Fur not only provides educational opportunities to current professionals in fur industry but also pays special attention to cultivating and helping young designers who were born after the 1990s and exploring the potential of China's new generation of young fur designers.