Capture the beauty of Copenhagen and Kopenhagen Fur

As one of China's most popular author and director among young people, Guo Jingming, launched a new book of the THE NEXT series named as THE NEXT·COPENHAGEN at the FOLD·UP SHOWROOM, in China's economic center Shanghai on May 7, 2015.

The series booksTHE NEXT were written by well-known director and best-selling author Guo Jingming and his team including Luo Luo, Anthony, Chen Chen and Yu Xuan. They travelled to different places all over the world and recorded what they had seen and heard in words and photos.  THE NEXT is very popular in China's young generation and the series books have reached one million cumulative sales.

THE NEXT·COPENHAGEN is the eighth book in the series. Guo Jingming sent Luoluo, Anthony, Chen Chen, Yu Xuan, Hu Xiaoxi and Fredie.L to the "Capital of fairy tale" to capture the beauty of the city. They visited every corner of Copenhagenby walking around and riding on the bicycles and recorded the wonderful moments with their pens and cameras.

Kopenhagen International Creative Centre (KiCK) was one of the most important sites that the young authorsvisited. They saw the working process of the senior furriers with fabulous fur materials and learnt more on how they had changed the trend of the international fur fashion.

Kopenhagen Fur produced a beautiful bookmark for the THE NEXT·COPENHAGEN. With famous designer Soren Bach's colorful fur hat on the bookmark, over 400,000 young readers of the book will experience the charm of the innovative fur design. Through the little fur bookmark, China's younger generation, who have great consumption capacity in Chinese market, will also learn the charm of Kopenhagen Fur.