Kopenhagen Fur in new design collaboration

Kopenhagen Fur has collaborated with the Danish jewellery brand 'Bukkehave' in the making of a new collection called 'Tundra'. The jewellery is primarily made from steal and sealskin.


In 2011 goldsmith Christine Bukkehave started the Danish jewellery brand Bukkehave that is famous for the simple, original and modern pieces of jewellery. Christine Bukkehave is often inspired by organic and abstract forms found in nature, and she has always been fascinated by combining classic and alternative materials. The new jewellery collection from Bukkehave consists of brooches, necklaces and bracelets made of harp seal from Greenland. The sustainable sealskin which is used in the collection comes from Greenland.

- When I first lay my eyes on the beautiful seal skin I was sold. I like to explore new materials and design opportunities, and I think that seal is a really exciting material, which fits perfectly into my Nordic and Scandinavian style of design, says Christine Bukkehave.

The collection has been named Tundra as Christine Bukkehave found inspiration in Greenland's spectacular nature. In the collection the cold, raw and polished silver meets elegant and soft fur and Bukkehave's use of colours and contrasts gives the collection an exclusive and modern finish. All the pieces of jewellery are handmade and carefully chosen with a focus on originality, quality and craftsmanship.

- The collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur has been a big success. I've had a good dialog with Kopenhagen Fur and with the furrier about the collection. My design style and Kopenhagen Fur's excellent fur expertise has together created a unique collection of jewellery with seal. I hope that I will be able to make a new collection in cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur again in the future as I think that I have learned a lot and had the opportunity to use new design possibilities, says Christine Bukkehave.

The collection was shown at Copenhagen Fashion Week and will be sold in selected shops from August. The prices of the collection Tundra are from 3.000 - 6.700 DKK.