Great clearance percentage

Kopenhagen Fur - Great clearence percentage

A new record. Never before has Kopenhagen Fur experienced that the customers cleared this many skins in a single week leading up to the promt day March 7th.

- Out of the 5.9 million skins, we sold at the February auction, our customers have now collected 2.7 million skins in a week, says Brian Tufvesson, Head of Customer Department at Kopenhagen Fur.

- I have never experienced anything like this before, he adds.

This year, the Chinese Spring Festival and Hong Kong Fur Fair were in the end of February. This meant that the customers were not able to collect their skins until now.

The clearance percentage for the January auction is now approx. 64 percent and approx. 57 percent for the February auction. The total clearance percentage is approximately 60 percent.