New cooperation with Chinese brand

At the June-auction the Chinese high-end brand Prolivon visited Kopenhagen Fur. The visit was the start of a new cooperation.

During the visit at Kopenhagen Fur, Prolivon worked on the creative development of their collection in cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur.

- It was a fantastic and successful beginning of the cooperation between Kopenhagen Fur and Prolivon. During our stay we had an introduction to Kopenhagen Fur and we good instructions in fur quality and techniques, says Yang Yanlan, commodity manager at Prolivon.

Prolivon is a well-known brand, which operates with multiple flagship stores primarily in Shanghai and is a part of the world's biggest textile company Shangtex.

- We chose to start the cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur because it is a well-established luxury brand as well as the largest fur action house in the world, says Yang Yanlan.

Milestone for Prolivon

Prolivon wish to establish common design cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur with the aim of promoting the use of quality fur within the fashion industry.

- The new collection is the icebreaking milestone for Prolivon to explore the fur fashion area. We hope this collection will bring a fresh breeze to the brand and to consolidate its already exclusive and international image, says Yang Yanlan.

The collection in cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur will both include showpieces and commercial production styles, which will be used to explore the southern part of the Chinese fur marked.

- Prolivon hopes to rebuild a new concept of fur styles, which is more creative and fashionable than the traditional fur concepts in China, in order to attract younger customers from China, says Yang Yanlan.