New Head of Marketing

After 10 years in Kopenhagen Fur, Ditte has decided to try out business opportunities outside Kopenhagen Fur. Ditte hands over an organization that is well prepared for the future. Ditte has done a splendid job and has left her mark on the department's changed focus over the past three years towards a more commercial focus. Ditte resigns her position on 1 June, but is vacationing in the period from 1 May onwards. Ditte has her last working date at the end of April.

In connection with Ditte's resignation, we have assessed that we have the right candidate inhouse and have appointed Kasper as Marketing Manager. Ditte will hand over to Kasper successively in the last two weeks in April, after which Kasper takes over the department on 1 May.

We have particularly weighted Kasper's broad knowledge of Kopenhagen Fur, his thorough knowledge of China and his highly respected status as auctioneer. In recent years, Kasper has worked at the intersection between marketing and business development and is therefore well prepared for the job and to lead the department forward in the development that has been initiated. Kasper continues as auctioneer and his responsibility for our seal project with Great Greenland follows with Kasper to Marketing.

We wish Ditte good luck in her quest for new challenges and thank her for her great efforts while at the same time, we welcome Kasper in his new position as marketing manager.