Imagine Talents - For students

Dear student, welcome to the Imagine Talents competition

The purpose of this site is to provide you with important information and guidelines regarding the Imagine Talents competition.

Kopenhagen Fur’s expert teachers and furriers will provide workshops and continuous guidance both before and during the design development phases to provide you with the tools you need to dive into the design process.

Please keep in mind that this competition is an ongoing process and that most of your questions and potential concerns will be answered as the program moves forward. 

We look forward to following and guiding you on your Imagine Talents journey.

The Process

  • Tutor Course
  • Masterclass
  • Selection
  • Design Brief
  • Manufacturing
  • Show and Award
  • After the show
Kopenhagen Fur Buntmager

Tutor Course

One or two teachers from each participating university will be invited to participate in a workshop at our very own innovation centre for fur design and craftsmanship, the ‘Kopenhagen Fur Studio’ in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Guided by highly skilled furriers and designers, these teachers will receive education in the fur trade and the opportunity to perform hands-on work and learn distinct fur techniques. The course will enable the teachers to support selected students throughout the Imagine Talents program, which will take place at each local university.

Kopenhagen Fur Masterclass


Masterclasses take place at each of the participating universities. Each individual university selects between 10 and 15 fashion students to participate in the masterclass held at that site. These classes are not competitions but opportunities for students to get to know the materials, be playful and design swatches of ‘fur fabrics’. Two teachers from Kopenhagen Fur will run each masterclass, where the students will be provided with the basic technical knowledge needed to design a fur style for the competition. During the masterclasses, students will be introduced to the design brief for Imagine Talents show in 2019.


  • By attending the masterclass, you agree to apply to participate in the Imagine Talents fashion show.
  • You will apply by creating an illustrative sketch and a technical drawing of one fur style carefully following the design brief. The technical drawing must be specific and outline all details for future production.
  • The university will select seven students from the masterclass to continue in the Imagine Talents
  • The university must send the students’ works by email in PDF format to Kopenhagen Fur before the 1st of June.
  • Kopenhagen Fur will select between one and three students from each university to participate in the Imagine Talents final show.
  • Kopenhagen Fur will announce the names of the selected students before the end of June by contacting each university.
Kopenhagen Fur Imagine Talents udvælgelse

Design-brief (show 2019)

The design brief is all about fur and sustainability. Fur is a material with unique sustainable qualities, the most important of which include the following:

  • Fur is long-lasting. If treated correctly, it can be preserved throughout generations.
  • Fur needs minimal treatment in the use phase, which results in a low environmental impact.
  • Fur is biodegradable, which means it does not have a negative impact on the environment when recirculated.

This year, the brief focuses on the sustainable strategy of modular and multifunctional design. We encourage you to work with sustainability and fur from a design perspective. Therefore, we are asking the following question:

How would you design a fur garments which both meets future user needs as well as supports the sustainable potential of fur?

Modularity: items which can either be used as one or in/as several pieces, e.g. a coat may consist of a vest, a collar, cuffs, etc.

Multifunctionality: items which can serve multiple functions for one or for several users, e.g. it could be a multi-gender style or have multiple options for wear.

We want you to use Kopenhagen Fur’s beautiful selection of natural mink types for your design. These non-coloured mink types are alum tanned, which means they have a very low environmental impact. You are welcome to combine these with other natural skins such as fox, seal or swakara, or you can combine them with fabrics.

Your work must present the following:

  • A fashion/concept sketch;
  • A technical drawing with clear specifications of materials, technique, fur types and trimmings;
  • A short description of how the style/concept supports sustainability;
  • A short description of the target customer; and
  • Contact information (i.e. the name of your university, your name, your e-mail address and your telephone number).

You will be assessed on your ability to present a visually appealing style and an innovative concept. These criteria will be considered in the final selection.

Kopenhagen Fur Produktion


  • Kopenhagen Fur will provide the fur and cover the costs required for a local manufacturer to produce the fur style.
  • Each selected student must send a copy of their finished pattern, including toile, lining trim, buttons, zippers, etc., to Kopenhagen Fur and the manufacturer by the 1st of September.
  • You must develop/sew any special non-fur parts yourself and communicate with the manufacturer regarding skin types and techniques.
  • The completed styles must be sent to Kopenhagen Fur by the 1st of December.


  • Kopenhagen Fur will facilitate the Imagine Talents show.
  • Kopenhagen Fur will invite each participating Imagine Talents student to the show and cover all costs, including travel, food and accommodations.
  • The winner of the Imagine Talents competition will be selected by a professional jury during the show and will receive a cash prize of €5.000.

After the show

  • Kopenhagen Fur will take full ownership of all Imagine Talents styles once the fashion show ends.
  • All styles will become part of Kopenhagen Fur Studios’ archive of fur styles, which works as a lending system. Loans are made ​​to fashion magazines, movie stylists, fashion representatives and red-carpet events. You can borrow your own style on equal terms as other users of the archive.
  • The design and production rights remain with you.

Participating Universities for the 2019 Imagine Talents Competition

  • JAPAN: Mode Gauken
  • ENGLAND: Royal College of Art
  • ENGLAND: University of Westminster
  • KOREA: Seoul National University  
  • CHINA: Tsinghua University
  • CHINA: The Art Institute of Heilongjiang University
  • CHINA: China Academy of Arts
  • FRANCE: Atelier Chardon Savard
  • DENMARK: Design School Kolding
  • DENMARK: Via University College
  • DENMARK: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
  • DENMARK: Business Academy Southwest
  • RUSSIA: University of Technology and Design
  • GREECE: Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia
  • KAZAKHSTAN: Kazakh National Zhurgenov Academy of Arts