Imagine Talents

The Imagine Talents design competition celebrates outstanding, talented fashion students from all over the world, showcasing the beauty, versatility and overall design potential of Kopenhagen Fur’s exclusive selection of fur.

To take part in the Imagine Talents competition, students must be enrolled at a design university that collaborates with Kopenhagen Fur. The locations of the design universities span from Tokyo to London and vary in size and profile, but the one thing they have in common is their top rankings as leading, global educational institutions.

In one of the most important steps of the Imagine Talents competition, Kopenhagen Fur offers all selected competing students a comprehensive, locally sponsored educational program at the collaborating design universities. Expert teachers and furriers provide workshops and ongoing guidance both before and during the design development phases to give the participating students the tools they need to dive into the design process.

The winner of the Imagine Talents competition is chosen by a professional jury consisting of key players on the design scene and announced live during a high-end fashion show facilitated by Kopenhagen Fur. The show traditionally takes place during an international fashion week. Naturally, all participating students are invited to this event.





This competition transcends borders and cultures to highlight the best emerging fashion talents from leading design universities and additionally provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to work with fur in the fashion industry.