Kindergartens in Namibia

Kopenhagen Fur Namibia Kindergarten
Since 2006, Kopenhagen Fur has supported the building and running of kindergartens in Windhoeks slum area. Today, they run 30 kindergartens and provide food and education for over 1,000 children

Kopenhagen Fur supports kindergartens i Namibia

It costs 40,000 Danish Kroner to build a kindergarten for 30 children in Namibia, including all the necessary furniture and teaching material. Furthermore, a couple a hundred DKK per day pays for food for the 1,200 children who attend the 30 kindergartens supported by the Kopenhagen Fur charity organization. For some of the children, it might be the only meal they eat during the day.

The kindergartens are situated in Katutura, a slum area in a suburb of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. The first children attended Kopenhagen Fur-funded kindergartens in 2006 and are now in school, where they do well. The official language of Namibia is English but most of the Katutura children do not speak English at home. That puts them at a disadvantage, behind the other students when they start school. The aim of the kindergartens is to improve the children's elementary knowledge of the English language, as well as their skills with mathematics, understanding of nature and the necessity of personal hygiene.

Boas Ekandjo Pre-Primary School was inaugurated on 14 October 2010. A Kopenhagen Fur customer, Chinese Robert Lam, bought a lot of fur skins for 550,000 DKK at a special event held during the September auction in 2009. The entire amount was earmarked for the charity project in Namibia. It was a portion of these proceeds which enabled the building of the kindergarten.