Selling skins

Kopenhagen Fur mink skins with labels
Farmers from all over the world send skins to our auction house. All skins are intersorted into our unique and world known collection of skins.

What Kopenhagen Fur can do for you

Kopenhagen Fur is the world’s leading market place for mink, Chinchilla, Norwegian Type fox and Swakara skins. We have five auctions a year offering a total of 30 million mink skins, 65,000 Chinchilla, 100,000 Norwegian Type fox and 100,000 Swakara skins.

Farmers from all over the world send skins to our auction house. All skins are intersorted into our unique and world known collection of skins.

Due to the large intersorted collection of both mink, Chinchilla and fox skins, Kopenhagen Fur attracts the largest number of customers who serve as the basis for fierce competition in the auction room.

Our Beijing office actively supports three major streaming facilities in China. From there customers can call a buyer at Kopenhagen Fur with their bids and in that way we get more competition on the bidding resulting in the highest prices.

Our valued skin suppliers (farmers) receive a number of benefits that cannot be matched by any other auction company.

We offer you various services to improve your production and obtain better prices. These services range from sorting courses, livestock grading and help to purchase livestock from some of the best farmers in the world.

We also offer our loyal suppliers services such as blood testing for AD at a very low cost (0.34 EUR), consulting services, pelting inspection, insurance and much more.


Quality grading

Our skilled graders have many years of experience when it comes to grading fox, Chinchilla, Swakara and of course, our primary sales article, mink skins.

Skins sold at Kopenhagen Fur are intersorted according to size, colour, clarity and of course the quality resulting in the most attractive offering in the world.

International customers have over and over again showed great confidence in our quality grading during the inspection prior to each auction. Our quality graded offering draws the largest customer group, who in turn can benefit from the fact that they are always able to buy skins for their companies. This means, that all our suppliers are certain to sell their skins at the best possible prices.


If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact:

Louise Weile – speaks Danish, Norwegian, English and French

Andrej Rumjancev – speaks Russian, Danish and English

Olger Scheepens – speaks Dutch, Polish and English

Pieter Schoone – speaks Dutch, German and English

Gijsbert Wurms – speaks Dutch, Danish and English

Leo Boutis – speaks Greek and English

Pablo Miele – speaks Spanish, Danish and English

Louise Weile

Vice President Sales

Andrej Rumjancev

Head of Eastern Europe

Olger Scheepens

Head of Poland

Pieter Schoone

Head of Western Europe

Gijsbert Wurms

Head of Western Europe

Leo Boutis

Area Representative Greece

Pablo Miele

Production Manager