Preparations for the April auction

In light of the global expansion of Covid-19, the Danish government has issued strict measures to control the spread of the virus in Denmark. At Kopenhagen Fur, we are following the protocols and implementing the recommendations of the health authorities and the Danish government.

At the same time, we are determined to hold the April auction as scheduled. We are looking into different digital scenarios that would allow us to carry out the auction while guaranteeing the safety of our customers and staff. Whatever the outcome may be, we are confident in our capabilities to hold a successful auction in a responsible manner.

Kopenhagen Fur's April catalogue takes shape

Kopenhagen Fur’s first auction in April will offer around 5 million mink skins and will feature a broad variety of types and qualities for all tastes. Kopenhagen Fur will present a rich collection on a par with previous seasons.

Our collection will include around 2 million Brown mink skins, almost a million Silverblue mink skins, and around half a million White mink skins, among other popular types such as Pearl, Mahogany and Palomino.

Kopenhagen Fur’s quality experts have finished sorting our offering for April, and they are confident in this year’s collection. As in previous years, we will feature the sought-after Velvet 1 and 2 for all mink types, as well as the traditional Classic. Every colour and type can be found in a range of different qualities, so all customers will be able to find what they are looking for.

-The COVID-19 outbreak has not stopped us. This year’s collection lives up to Kopenhagen Fur  standards and has mink skins for all tastes, says Bjarne Rasmussen, Kopenhagen Fur’s Quality Director.

In addition to the Kopenhagen Fur collection, our April auction offering will also feature North American velvet mink skins from American Mink Exchange, as well as chinchilla, Norwegian fox, and Swakara skins.

Check our updated catalogue here.

What is the situation in Denmark? (Updated on 7 April)

In Denmark, the government has imposed strict measures to control the spread of the virus and encourage people to stay home. On 11 March Denmark initiated a two-week lockdown period, which has gradually added further restrictions. These lockdown measures have caused the spread of coronavirus cases to remain stable for the past few weeks. This positive trend led Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to announce a “gradual and controlled” opening process after Easter, which will start with a cautious reopening of daycare facilities and schools. 

The current lockdown measures extend until May 10. Social gatherings of more than ten people are not allowed, and most institutions and businesses remain closed. Supermarkets and pharmacies are open and have implemented additional ways to minimize social contact. The Danish government has also established a package of financial support to help lessen the impact of these measures on the Danish economy.

The Danish borders remain effectively closed but Danish businesses have proven to be highly adaptable to new ways of operating under the COVID-19 outbreak.  Goods can still come in and out of the country, and Denmark remains open for business.

The situation is constantly evolving and we are closely monitoring all developments, preparing for potential new measures.

In the coming weeks, we will be keeping our customers updated on the general situation in Denmark and the actions and decisions taken by Kopenhagen Fur regarding the April auction.

The auction is scheduled from April 21 to 28 with inspections beginning April 15.

Kopenhagen Fur works to minimise shipping disruptions

Flight restrictions around the globe have extensively disrupted airfreight transportation and put cargo capacity under great pressure. As rate levels remain volatile and high, we encourage you to consider alternative transportation methods, such as ocean freight, for overseas destinations.

However, we are seeing how new freighter solutions are being introduced and may soon be available. At Kopenhagen Fur, we believe time is on our side – and we certainly have the capacity to provide you with solutions regarding shipping to Asia, from alternative routes to adjusted transit times and subject to short-term pricing.

Copenhagen is also one of the world’s major shipping hubs, and the biggest in Scandinavia. Thanks to Copenhagen Airport and other well-established air and seaports, Kopenhagen Fur is ideally located to minimize the impact of the logistic constraints caused by Covid-19. Well-connected to the rest of Europe, road-freight from Denmark is functioning without major delays.

In addition to this, our warehouses in Thailand and Cambodia support our capability to optimize big bulk shipping, airfreight and ocean freight, preparing your stock for dressing when you need it.

We will keep you updated on changes to the freight market situation.

Follow these websites for more information

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Updates from the Danish Authorities about Corona 

The Danish Police continuously collects all information about the Corona virus in Denmark from the Danish authorities.