A new app for tablet and smartphone

With our new digital auction catalogue it's faster and easier than ever to get an overview of the entire auction programme. Search and filter thousands of lots, organise them in lists, and add handwritten notes. You can even securely share lists with your contacts.

You can log in with your WeChat account to search through upcoming skins on offer by type, quality grade, hair length, colour, quantity and more. Of course, you can also use a custom username if you prefer.

In addition, starting from the May auction, all private treaty purchases must be made through the digital catalogue.

The app shows a live view of private treaty lots for sale and they can be requested for purchase with just the push of a button. Our customer service team will then contact you to follow up.


Kopenhagen Fur App Kopenhagen Fur App
Kopenhagen Fur Catalogue

Get the entire catalogue on your device

Available directly on your tablet or smart phone, allowing an easy overview and simple navigation of all lots for sale at Kopenhagen Fur auctions.

Filter the catalogue

Navigate easily through the sales program by filtering based on your needs, allowing you to find exactly what you want.

Take notes

Record your notes directly on your device, either by typing or writing by hand.

Mark your favorites

Create lists of your selected lots to keep track of those you would like to follow.

Securely share your insights

Be sure only your customers and colleagues can see your thoughts on the lots for sale. Use the app to securely save and send them to your customers and colleagues.