Digital auction this June / July

Growing concerns surrounding travel restrictions between Europe and Southeast Asia means that Kopenhagen Fur is forced to abandon our intentions to have a physical auction this June / July.

Kopenhagen Fur has long wished to welcome back our many customers, and we know that many of you have expressed a wish to return to the auction room and inspection halls.

However, with various, unknown international travel restrictions and regulations, outside of Kopenhagen Fur’s influence, along with growing international concerns about the potential spread of mutations across country borders, we regret to inform you that the regular, physical auction must be put on standby.

A well-known format

Fortunately, our entire customer group is familiar with our digital auction setup. We are pleased to offer you 5 million quality mink skins along with chinchilla, fox and swakara.
Sorting and auction planning continues here at Kopenhagen Fur, and in the coming weeks you can expect to view our preliminary sales programme.
While we acknowledge that this is tremendously disappointing for the customers who were eager to bid in our auction room, we believe that it is necessary as the world’s leading skin auction house to act decisively and responsibly in a world where uncertain travel restrictions and regulations impact our customers.
We hope to see you all soon in Denmark, and we look forward to seeing you online during our June / July auction.