Our inspection prior to the February auction

As many in the fur trade are aware of, the Covid-19 situation is still in the process of being handled in much of Europe. Because the vaccines are currently still being delivered and administered to the danish population, due to the many travel restrictions, and given that the Danish government has recently prolonged the current restrictions until 28 February, Kopenhagen Fur has decided to cancel the physical inspection prior to the February auction.

For many in the fur trade, seeing and feeling the offered skins, is an essential step prior to the auction. Fortunately, many of our customers have already had an opportunity to see the offered goods during the inspections in the last season. Approx. 75% of the offered goods this February were subject to inspection in 2020. For our buyers, we have made a conversion catalog, where you can see the old lot numbers converted to the current ones for the coming sale. The conversion catalog can be found Kopenhagen Fur's auctionsite - in the menu in the Offering, Catalogue / Results mainframe.

The opportunity to meet during inspections and auctions is crucial for many of our skin buyers. For the auction house, the opportunity to meet with the trade is equally important to gage the market prior to and during the auction. While Covid-19 and the subsequent restrictions are unfortunate circumstances outside the realm of our control, rest assured that Kopenhagen Fur is more than capable of maintaining appropriate measures against Covid-19. Kopenhagen Fur employees in the production area undergo weekly testing, wear mandatory masks or face shields, uphold social distancing and have ample opportunity to wash and sanitize their hands. In addition to this, production workers and administration workers are not allowed to move in between administration and production areas.

These measures are also easy to implement at the earliest possible opportunity when it becomes possible again to hold the first physical inspection and auction of the season.

Until then, we look forward to offer 2 million mink skins during the online auction. We will send the conversions sheet in the coming days. Thank you for your understanding.