Thank you for your support during the 2020 Auction Season!

With the end of the September auction, Kopenhagen Fur closes what may be considered the most difficult sales season the fur trade has ever experienced. Skin purchases were delayed until last minute, and low prices continued due to the ever-present uncertainty in the market. Despite this, we have sold more skins than originally expected, and we have felt the support and loyalty of our customers throughout the entire season. For this, we are very grateful.

Working towards recovery: streamlining the organisation

After the difficult start of the season, we have seen a slight recovery in the market during the physical auctions in August and September. However, this year's crisis has left deep marks in the 2020 season. To successfully weather the adverse market situation, Kopenhagen Fur has undergone a streamlining process in September to scale the business to the coming skin production levels, which will likely be halved during the next year, including a 30% decrease in the amount of fresh mink skins for available for sale.

Customer service, our top priority

The changes in the organisation will not disrupt the day to day operations with our customers. We are working full speed to release and ship the skins purchased in September, and to avoid potential delays. Customer service procedures and contacts (phone numbers, email addresses) will remain unchanged.

As always, Kopenhagen Fur will continue striving to provide the best service to our customers. Therefore, you are welcome to contact us for any enquiry we may help you with.