Kopenhagen Fur's September auction will be the biggest sale of the season

The September inspection has started at Kopenhagen Fur, and the customers are slowly beginning to arrive to examine the skins. So far, a total of 70 customers have registered to attend, a significant increase from the 60 registered participants present during Kopenhagen Fur's August auction in Copenhagen. The total attendance, as well as the large offering of over six million mink skins (including North American mink skins) will make Kopenhagen Fur's September auction the biggest sale of the current season.

Just like in August, the auction will be carried out in full compliance with the corona-restrictions put in place to ensure that the sale can be held in the right conditions. To guarantee this, a special safe area, or “pink zone” has been put in place. This zone includes the administration buildings 1 and 2, the canteen and the Kopenhagen Room, as well as auction hall and halls 1,2 and 3. In these areas, Kopenhagen Fur employees are only allowed if they can present a negative corona test.

This is to ensure the safety of both the auction house as well as the 70 participants who have signed up until now, and who will be our guests once the sale begins on Sunday the 20th of September.