2021 Auction calendar

After the last auction of the 2020 season closes on 29 September, Kopenhagen Fur will steam ahead with the preparations for the coming season. Therefore, we have prepared a preliminary auction calendar for 2021, which you can see below. 

For the 2021 season, Kopenhagen Fur is planning on holding four auctions. The season would start with an auction in February, after the Chinese New Year, featuring a moderate offering to cover the needs for customers who need skins early on in the year. The 2021 season would then continue with three more auctions featuring larger offerings than in February.

We are confident that such a setup will meet the market needs in the coming season. However, Kopenhagen Fur will adapt to any developments that may require adjustments in the calendar.

Preliminary auction dates in 2021 

  • February: 20 - 22 February
  • April: 20 - 26 April
  • June/July: 23 June - 2 July
  • September: 18-27 September