Meet our Top Lot buyer Royal Gift - Fangfang’s Fur

During Kopenhagen Fur’s first physical auction of the year in August, Chinese online retailer Fangfangjia Fur successfully took the Brown Velvet male skin for its brand, Royal Gift, after several rounds of enthusiastic bidding. This is the first time that the brand has purchased a Top Lot at a Kopenhagen Fur auction, which they hope to use in the elaboration of several styles in cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur Studio.

A rapidly growing online brand

Royal Gift is a women's clothing brand of light luxury fur. Located in Haining, Zhejiang province, the company has positioned itself as a rapidly growing online brand since its establishment in 2008. The company's Taobao store "Fangfangjia Fur" is a crown-level seller on the platform, and its product categories cover fur clothing such as mink, which is mostly purchased at Kopenhagen Fur, but also fox and chinchilla.

Product quality, the key to new customers

-Royal Gift’s main products are women's clothing featuring mink and fox fabrics. The styles are young and casual, and mainly short and medium sizes. Our customer group are mainly young, fashionable women who pursue product quality when shopping and focus on product value preservation and sense of value. Therefore, high-quality Danish mink has become our inevitable choice, says Royal Gift’s Brand Manager.

The purpose of buying the Top Lot mink skins this time is to promote our products and put focus on their quality, so that consumers can feel reassured when they buying our products. With the acquisition of the Brown Velvet Top Lot, Brand Manager Fangfang hopes to cooperate with Kopenhagen Fur Studio to jointly develop several styles to bring consumers high-quality fur clothing with international design standards.