Shipping in times of corona: positive outlook despite a challenged capacity

The corona-crisis continues to disrupt worldwide logistics. And while the trade of goods has continued during the pandemic, global transportation capacity has been reduced to a fraction of the usual. For Kopenhagen Fur Logistics to succeed at sending the skins from the April auction to our customers under ever-changing conditions has been no easy feat.

Looking at the results from April, the efforts have paid off. Almost 100% of the skins have been shipped already, many of them reaching the warehouses earlier than expected. Our customers have largely followed our recommendations and benefited from our solutions. Currently, we continue to recommend air freight for China and Thailand and air/sea solution for Cambodia.

Air freight is still under pressure, but improving

Air freight capacity, particularly to Cambodia is still very limited. For this destination, we highly recommend using sea freight or our air/sea solution. Some airlines still experience delays and while the general capacity is far from normal levels, it is gradually increasing. More flights are being put into circulation, and the situation is slowly improving.

Recommendations for June

Kopenhagen Fur’s experiences from April, combined with the positive developments seen in the global transportation landscape are favorable towards the June auction. Shipping skins is possible, and conditions are improving. Rates are still changing rapidly, therefore we recommend that you:

  • Book your spot as early as possible
  • Contact us for information about rates. An overview of rates will be available soon.
  • Choose air/sea solution, especially for Cambodia