Kopenhagen Fur will open the new season with an offering of approximately 5 million mink skins

Kopenhagen Fur from the air

In the midst of an unprecedented situation, Kopenhagen Fur is set to open the season on April 21. Warming up for a highly anticipated auction, the first details now begin to loom. In addition to our Kopenhagen Fur collections, our offering will also include a selection of American mink from American Mink Exchange as well as Norwegian fox, Swakara and Chinchilla.

As a result, our first offering in this season will reach around 5 million skins. With a superior catalogue, our first auction will feature a diverse and attractive range of qualities and skin types. Despite the many unknowns, we are confident the first auction of the year will hold great value for our customers, and we are looking forward to launching the new season with all of them.

With inspections scheduled to begin in less than a month. We will be soon releasing further information on its final offering and catalogue.

We encourage customers who wish to place orders via Private Treaty to do so as soon as possible, as we are about to close the platform in preparation of the April auction.