Kopenhagen Fur’s July auction will combine a physical inspection with a digital auction

Motivated by the prevailing uncertainty and quarantine requirements for travelers as well as the recent outbreaks in Beijing, Kopenhagen Fur has decided to return to a digital format in July for the upcoming auction period. However, the inspection will take place physically, as originally planned.

In Denmark, the situation continues to be favourable, and local authorities have granted Kopenhagen Fur permission to hold physical auctions. Although we are confident on our ability to hold a physical auction responsibly, the growing external uncertainties are cause of concern, and the situation changes rapidly. The safety and wellbeing of our customers, employees, and surrounding communities, must always come first – no matter how much we wish to resume our physical auctions. However, our decision to hold a physical inspection in July still stands.

A physical inspection, the best solution for our customers

Holding a physical inspection has proven to be of great importance to our customers, and it can be done while fully respecting all health and safety measures. In addition to the permission granted by the authorities, many of our buyers are already located in Europe, thereby minimising potential barriers when travelling.

This also means that there will not be a digital, image-based solution for July’s inspection. By combining a physical inspection with a digital auction, we hope to overcome one of the main challenges of digital auction sales, which is to give our customers the opportunity to examine the product in detail through designated samplemen.