Kopenhagen Fur receives its first visitors of 2020: impressions from the physical inspection

The inspection halls at Kopenhagen Fur have finally welcomed its first visitors of the year. Starting on July 3rd, this season's first physical inspection has now run smoothly for almost a week and the newly implemented safety rules have been quickly adopted by everyone.

In the alleys, mask-bearing personnel and customers alike have almost finished inspecting what everyone agrees is an excellent collection, with outstanding consistency in the sorting.

“We have gotten many positive comments about the collection, both from customers as well as from the Farmers’ Inspection Committee”, says Bjarne Rasmussen, Kopenhagen Fur’s Quality Director.

"It was very easy to enter Denmark"

The halls may be less busy than in previous inspections, but the visitors are being welcomed with the usual hospitality and warmth.

Quan Yang, one of Kopenhagen Fur’s biggest buyers in China decided to travel to Denmark to personally inspect the skins and stay during the sales period. “It was worth it”, says Quan Yang. For him, the trip from China was surprisingly uneventful: “I just needed to show my documentation and leave a fingerprint at the airport, it was very easy to enter Denmark”.

After a positive inspection week, Kopenhagen Fur is fully focused on the July auction and looks forward to welcoming the remaining customers travelling to Denmark. Kopenhagen Fur’s July sale will start on Friday 10 July at 08:00 AM.