Private Treaty sale of chinchilla skins now open for bidding

Demand for chinchilla skins is increasing and due to this immediate need, we have opened the sale on unsold chinchilla skins from this season.

The sale will be conducted as a timed auction ending on Friday, 18 December at 12.00 local Danish time. Kopenhagen Fur has made this sales site, where the chinchilla lot pages will be updated with the high bids regularly until Friday that time. The buyer with the highest bid on 18 December at 12 local Danish time, will be the winner of that lot.

Up until then, we will be accepting bids on the lots for sale.

Your bid/bids can be applied by sending an email to stating the lot no and your price. If you need a catalogue please write to this mail as well, and it will be forwarded.

All incoming bids will be placed in the order they arrive.

Click here to view our chinchilla auction site.