Introducing our upgraded label system

The skins sold and carefully graded by Kopenhagen Fur are used to create superior quality garments in line with the world’s highest production and animal welfare standards. Through our internationally recognised labelling system, fashion houses, furriers, and retailers can be assured that their fur garments are of the highest quality. To further unify Kopenhagen Fur’s visual identity and to empower our global partners throughout the value chain, Kopenhagen Fur has upgraded its label system, which previously consisted of four labels.

The new system, launched for the 2020 season, will consist of two labels: the well-known Purple Label, and the new Premium Quality Label.  

Our two labels – a focus on quality

The Purple Label remains as the symbol of the finest quality fur. Handpicked and carefully selected by Kopenhagen Fur experts to produce the world’s most luxurious garments. Produced with the highest animal welfare standards, Kopenhagen Fur’s Purple quality mink skins are exceptionally light and silky, due to their extra fine, short guard hair, and present a dense and full underfur.

Anti-fake care labels will be allocated together with Purple-Label skins.

The newly introduced Premium Quality Label includes skins of the Platinum, Burgundy, and Ivory qualities. Mink skins of the Kopenhagen Fur Premium quality label have fine, even guard hair and a full, dense underfur, characterised by a harmonious balance between guard hair and underfur.