Shipping under COVID-19: We are fully operational

The COVID-19 outbreak has triggered lockdown measures in many countries worldwide. In Denmark, early lockdown measures are effectively containing the spread of the virus by limiting social contact.  And while street-level businesses such as stores and restaurants are closed, many companies are able to remain fully operational. Borders in the Schengen area are closed, but the flow of goods is not restricted. Denmark is open for business, and authorities encourage trade and export activities.

Kopenhagen Fur has implemented safety procedures that allow for our production teams to grade, store and ship our skins as usual. Some disruption is unavoidable: specific measures implemented by the countries can have a direct impact on capacity, rates and delivery times. However, Kopenhagen Fur is at a position to work around difficulties and find shipping alternatives to deliver your purchased skins.

In particular, the outbreak has put air freight under pressure with reduced capacity. Therefore, we recommend sea freight or road transportation as cost-effective alternatives.

We are in continued dialogue with transportation companies, and in the coming days we will provide you with specific shipping information regarding the upcoming April auction.