Shipping status: overview of rates

Reduced air freight capacity for South East Asia: secure your bookings as soon as possible or consider sea freight

Due to the restrictions that the global pandemic has put on cargo capacity worldwide, shipping rates are changing day to day.

In preparation to the April auction, we have prepared an overview of current shipping rates showing the current market rates for air freight, cold storage air freight, and cold storage sea freight.

As capacity to Southeast Asia is still challenged, prices and transit times are still volatile. The airlines have been confirmed the current rates until end of April – hopefully until mid May. However, we encourage you to place your bookings as soon as possible to secure space.

These circumstances also make sea freight a cost-effective alternative to Bangkok and Cambodia. In this case, there is a minimum requirement of 35,000 skins to guarantee rate and uplift, but it is possible to meet the minimum requirement by combining several customer orders. For any enquiries, please contact our shipping department in Glostrup.

Remember: skins sent by sea freight will be transported in reefer containers under Kopenhagen Fur’s responsibility and insurance, until their release from the warehouses in Cambodia and Bangkok.

Our team is constantly working on alternatives. We are in continued communication with the transportation companies and new solutions may become available. In the coming days, we will keep you informed about any new developments.

Click here to access the overview of shipping rates.