Sales programme for April is ready

Kopenhagen Fur

We are pleased to announce our sales programme for the April auction is ready. Starting on April 21, we will kickstart the auction with the sale of our Pearl mink. We plan on the auction to end on 28 April, but the final date may vary as we cannot predict the pace of the auction.

Traditionally, we have sold the larger sizes first, but on the digital platform sales will take place in this order regarding size:

  • Males: 40-50-60-30-00-0
  • Females: 0-00-30-1-2-3

The auction will start every day at 07:00 AM Danish time and will continue for an estimated 10 hours.

As the April auction will take place digitally, we have not set a fixed time for the sale of each skin type. Therefore, we will also be updating the sales programme every day after the sale is over.

You can find the final order of sales here.