Norwegian Type - Certified fox fur of the highest quality

The Norwegian fox breeders are known for producing the world’s most luxurious fox skins, and only the best skins are sold at Kopenhagen Fur. Compared to previous years, the upcoming April auction will feature a smaller offering of fox skins, with 31,000 skins on the programme. However, this year’s collection has a lot to offer. The offering will feature over 16,000 Norwegian Type Silverfox skins, as well as over 4,000 Gold fox, 3,000 Bluefox, and over 2,000 Shadowfox.

-We have a very good collection. In particular, our Gold fox skins are absolutely the best I have ever seen, says Steinar Davidsen, who has graded Norwegian fox for over 30 years.

This year, all Norwegian Type foxes sold at Kopenhagen Fur will possess the WelFur certification, the highest standard for animal welfare.