MyKopenhagenfur goes live: digital invoicing is now a reality

Last week, Kopenhagen Fur launched its new digital platform for all-inclusive customer service, MyKopenhagenfur. Most brokers have been successfully onboarded, and invoicing through MyKopenhagenfur is now up and running.

Launching MyKopenhagenfur shortly before the April auction has been a trial by fire – but also an excellent opportunity to test and build a solid platform for the future. Any initial hurdles are quickly being addressed by our IT and Customer Service departments, and we have started to see the results: most users are embracing the system and using it smoothly for their invoicing.

Four days into the auction, the platform has already processed almost 300 invoices from purchases at the April auction, sparing our customers from the travel time and expenses associated to invoicing physically in Denmark. From China to New York, customers can now invoice at the time and place of their convenience.

Once all features of MyKopenhagenfur are fully rolled out, the platform will be a game changer during upcoming auctions. Besides invoicing, brokers and customers will be able to re-invoice, book and track shippings, have a full overview of previous invoices, and generate statistics from every corner of the world.