Kopenhagen Fur's digital auction room is making headway

The COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked the digitalization process of countless businesses at an unprecedented rate. For Kopenhagen Fur, making the excitement of our auction room come to life in the screen is no easy challenge, but we are confident in our chosen solution. These days, all hands are on deck, and our teams work round the clock to get everything ready.

We have listened to our customers to find the right platform, one that would allow us to stay true to the same principles that rule our traditional auctions. This means that there will be few surprises for our customers regarding how the auction is conducted.

Only customers with a buyer number can bid via their computers. For once, the auction room will be empty, as our team of auctioneers oversee the auction in Glostrup and provide assistance as needed.

To succeed digitally, transparency must come first. Buyers will be able to see who else is bidding, and it will be possible for customers and farmers alike to follow the auction via streaming as well as via Pricerunner. To make communication as open as it is during our traditional auctions, it will be possible to communicate with our auctioneers through WeChat.

Bidding will be simple and secure. Customers will be able to buy strings of the same sorting, to ensure everyone is able to purchase what they need. Pre-bidding will not be possible. As our auction room becomes as wide as the world, a perfect synchronization may not always be possible. Therefore, all submitted bids that arrive with delays will be considered.

As we work to minimize the impact of adapting to a new platform, the teams at Kopenhagen Fur are working hard to make sure our customers receive a detailed walkthrough of the bidding process in order to be well-prepared for the upcoming auction.

All necessary resources and materials will soon be available, including a hotline that will be ready before and during the auction.