Denmark is still open for business - could gradually open up after Easter


In Denmark, the lockdown measures put in place by the government have caused the number of coronavirus cases to remain stable for the past few weeks. This positive trend has led Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to announce the possibility of a “gradual and controlled” opening process after Easter.

A silver lining in a difficult situation, the announcement highlighted the importance of the coming weeks. Denmark will continue in strict lockdown until 13 April and would only initiate the process of lifting lockdown measures cautiously if the positive trend continues. In this scenario, Denmark could begin a step-by-step journey to return to normal life.

In any case, Denmark is still open for business – and has been throughout the crisis. Danish businesses have proven to be highly adaptable to new ways of operating under the COVID-19 outbreak, and goods can still come in and out of the country. Likewise, Kopenhagen Fur is ready to hold the April auction and to attend the demands of all our business partners.