April offering at Kopenhagen Fur will be reduced

The coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on businesses and the general economy around the world, including the fur trade. During the past weeks, we have been in continued dialogue with our customers. The restrictions and lockdowns implemented by many governments, together with the general uncertainty have caused several business owners to delay the opening of their factories, thereby postponing the manufacturing of fur products to a later stage in the season.

Therefore, as a direct consequence of the delayed demand, and as a part of the preparations to our April auction, Kopenhagen Fur has decided to reduce the number of skins being offered at our upcoming auction in April. In this way, we hope to accommodate the wishes of our customers and better match this season's expected buying pattern. 

The sale will feature 3,5 million international mink, half a million American mink offered in partnership with American mink exchange, as well as 32.000 Chinchilla, 31.000 Swakara,  and 31.000 Norwegian Fox skins.

We look forward to welcome you all to our digital April auction.