White Velvet Females Top Lot

White Velvet Females Top Lot at the March auction 2019

The Top lot in White Velvet Female Mink was bought by broker Jialin Yang for SaiXueLi Garment Design Co., Ltd. for 700 DKK per skin.

SaiXueLi Garment Design Co., Ltd. founded in 2006, is a fashion company based in Shenzhen with a unique brand culture concept, advanced design, R&D creativity. SaiXueLi has 12 excellent leather and fur designers, as well as several cooperative designers.

In order to meet the demand for beauty and the different lifestyles of Chinese women in their prime years, SaiXueLi together with well-known European and American designers, currently creates the leading brand of domestic luxury and exquisite women's wear, "Cejolie", which means "Beautiful Magnificent Man".

This is the first time for SaiXueLi to buy the KOPENHAGEN FUR Top Lot, with the demand for the best quality.