White Velvet Females Top Lot

CEO Jesper Lauge Christensen and Brand Manager Ms Fu of FireLady Fur

Top Lot in White Velvet Females 

At the June sale, broker Jin Li of Zhejiang Zhonghui Fur & Leather Co., Ltd achieved the luxurious Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot in White Velvet Females Short nap 1 for 4,080 DKK per skin for FireLady Fur, outperforming numerous other buyers in the auction room. This created the top price this season. 

FireLady Fur owns and operates a retail store in Hangzhou, which opened 3 years ago. Before that, some 5 years ago, they began selling fur garments online, which they continue to do. 

Last year, FireLady Fur joined the cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur, called “POWERED BY KOPENHAGEN FUR (Online)”, focusing on education and communication to online consumers about fur. 

In the unremitting pursuit of high quality and better design under brand manager Ms Fu’s great leadership, FireLady Fur has already had great power and influence on online social media. 

-There is no doubt that we will cooperate with Kopenhagen Fur more closely, says Ms Fu.