Brown Velvet Males Top Lot

CEO Jesper Lauge Christensen and Mr Pan Zhijun, the CEO of Golden Lady Furs (Lao Pan Furs)

At Kopenhagen Fur’s June auction, the Top Lot in Brown Velvet Males, Short nap 2 was bought by Lap Hang Wan for Mr Pan Zhijun, the CEO of Golden Lady Furs (Lao Pan Furs) for 3,300 DKK per skin, which was a record-high price in the Velvet collection sales this season. 

“I hope to learn advanced design concepts and craftsmanship in Kopenhagen Fur to develop more individual and more fashionable furs and work hard for consumers to wear high-quality fur,” Pan Zhijun said. 

This is the place where I can buy the best quality mink skins, which my customers are very interested in. Velvet is selling well in my biggest stores in Harbin, and with the Top Lot I can offer the very best quality to my customers, says Mr Pan Zhijun. Golden Lady Furs (Lao Pan Furs) is one of the most famous fur brands in China, especially in northeast. Since its inception in the 1980s, it has been known for selling high-quality, high-end fashion furs.  

Golden Lady Furs (Lao Pan Furs) has had a very good cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur for many years.

Winning the Top Lot again could also be a new chapter of close cooperation between Golden Lady Furs (Lao Pan Furs) and Kopenhagen Fur.