White Swakara headed for Russia

Kopenhagen Fur Swakara March 2018

From the heat of Namibia to the cold winter weather in Russia, the finest white Namibian Swakara skins will travel quite a distance as they will adorn some of the finest clad women in Russia.

Mr Yury Polyakov from the Vtoroy Mechovoy company in Russia won the final bid and purchased the white Swakara Top Lot for DKK 1,100. per skin.

He is no stranger to buying Top Lot skins as he has previously purchased a Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur.

- Our company seeks only the very finest skins, whether it be Swakara, mink or chinchilla, he stated during the March auction at Kopenhagen Fur after having taken home the skins.

- We always seek different types of skins which are beautiful and light in design, he says. 

- White Swakara is a luxury item made in small quantities for fur consumers who appreciate a unique type of fur garment.

 Mr Yury Polyakov runs a family company with his mother and brother. Together they own approx. ten stores that focus mostly on the European market.

- In time, we may consider expanding into the Asian market but we want to grow slowly. When the time comes, we will most likely expand into South Korea and Japan. The fur consumption there is reasonable and, in our opinion, the fur consumers resemble the European fur consumers, he says.

After his purchase of the Top lot, Yury Polyakov sets his eyes on some of the mutation skins that will be offered.