Try our Digital Catalogue

Kopenhagen Fur Catalogue

Our coming digital catalogue app lets you look up active lots, jot down buying instructions, share notes, and more.

By simply logging in via your WeChat account or with a chosen username, you can search through upcoming skins on offer filtered by qualifiers such as type, grade, hair length, colour, and quantity.

Lots can be arranged by clicking on the field you want to sort by, just as you would on a website. 

The digital catalogue makes it easier to step away from the auction room.

Want to be sure only your customers can see your insights on the lots for sale? Use the app to securely save and send them to your customers. We take your privacy seriously, and app data is hosted off site by a third party, with no staff at Kopenhagen Fur able to access your notes. 

We look forward to sharing it with you at the March Auction, where there will be a manned demonstration in the inspection area from 8-9 and 12-13 during the auction.