March Auction Report

Kopenhagen Fur has held the second auction of the 2018 sales season. The high quality of Danish mink skins was reflected in the sale, where Danish skins achieved an average price of 243 Danish kroner (40.33 USD), while other mink skins were sold at an average price of 196 Danish kroner (32.50 USD).

There are currently many skins on the global market, and prices fell an average of six percent compared to Kopenhagen Fur’s auction in February. Some 92 percent of the offered 6.8 million mink skins were sold.

”The retail sale of fur products over the winter was good in most of the major markets, and in Europe we have experienced one of the best sales seasons in  many years. But the trade continues to face large inventories of skins from the overproduction of previous years. That is seen in the auction price,” says Kopenhagen Fur Chief Executive Jesper Uggerhøj.

Up to 500 customers took part in the auction, bidding on skin types like chinchilla and Swakara. It was also the first time Kopenhagen Fur offered Norwegian Type, which are especially fine Norwegian fox skins. Total sales at the auction reached 1.53 billion Danish kroner (255 million USD).

Kopenhagen Fur’s next auction will be held in May with inspection days from 26 April and sales days from 2 May to 9 May.