Top Lot buyers use Kopenhagen Fur mink to climb to the top

Ms Hu LiQin, CEO of Zhejiang Xuebao Fashion Garment Co., Ltd. has taken her company to the top in Asia using mink skins from Kopenhagen Fur to reach her high ambitions.

The Palomino Velvet Males Top Lot was purchased for 740 DKK per skin at the February auction. The buyer comes from the Zhejiang province in China, where the heart of her company store is located. Even though the company has purchased high-quality skins at Kopenhagen Fur since 2005, this was her first Top Lot from the Danish auction house.

Her company specializes in leather and fur, sometimes even combining the two in various collections. Zhejiang Xuebao Fashion Garment Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 initially specializing in creating high-quality leather garments. However, this changed approx. 13 years ago, when the company decided to introduce fur into their line-up.

Trust in Kopenhagen Fur

- For years, we had worked hard to create awareness among our target consumers; and it worked. We became well-known for our quality products. In 2005, however, when we decided to include fur in our collections, it was a new experience for our customers. To ensure that our leather and fur styles would be well received, it was necessary to use skins of the finest quality. Using skins from Kopenhagen Fur helped because our customers knew the Danish auction house and trusted the quality level, she says.

The strategy used has worked so far. Over the last few years, the company has experienced an impressive 30 percent annual growth rate, with increasing awareness among the company’s target consumers.

Now, the company employs 600 workers, has 20 stores situated around China and 5 major distributors.

Ambitions for the future

Ms Hu LiQin’s history in the trade is connected to her home region, which historically was known for its leather tanning sector. She quickly realised that she needed to adapt and evolve, which lead to her introducing fur into her styles.

Ms Hu LiQin has implemented a clear strategy to reach her current goal, but she still has more ambitions. Firstly, she wants to improve her production development. She has begun working with designers from Italy and is planning to introduce a collection at the One Milano 23-26 February. Secondly, she and her staff are working hard to maintain the 30 percent growth rate, she has experienced up till now. Thirdly, she is looking into digital solutions that will optimize the management process in her company, and she has ambitions of continuing her success on e-commerce platforms in China. Lastly, automatic production upgrades to optimize company production and minimize upkeep are also being looked into.